Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This morning I was driving along, watching the town slide by. Since it's autumn and my allergies hate me, I've been a little diminished, vision-wise. And there wasn't a lot of traffic--so, like someone looking at a stage set for a play and there's no action going on, I was studying the scenery.

I'm not in a settled place right now. I have a lot up in the air. Haven't made every decision about my future. And there was a time, not long ago, that I would have been in a perpetual terror state over that, panicked, demanding answers, worrying over all kinds of situations I can't control. Not so, anymore. I am content with where I am, knowing the answers will present themselves in time. I think I learned something.



Anyway, I was thinking about the research I've been doing, looking at graduate programs in other states, publishing programs, presses. This is mostly for school but also for fun--possibilities exist and I'm delighted by this fact. And I noticed two particular places kept cropping up. Either their publicity departments are most excellent, or they just happen to be where I am, these days.

And as I was driving along today, my usual business taking me along back roads--and I drove across one whose sign, which I misread at first, was the same as one of these programs I keep seeing. I blinked and saw it for what it was, remembering that street fondly from when I used to accept lots of food orders for delivery--and wondering just what I was thinking about, that I saw a sign in a street I've passed a hundred times.